We develop interiors to become conversation pieces in any setting. Our work has stood out in many industries for its captivating appeal and earthy personality. We take the best of any space and integrate design concepts that promote multiuse spaces. Using design and a variety of elements that complement the pieces in the space, we deliver interesting and innovative design, time and time again.

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The O.G teamGROUNDzero crew. Based in Western Sydney, the Sydney crew is mostly built up of 90’s JDM icons and late model EuDM rides. You can usually see the crew cruising around inner Sydney.

Central Coast

The Central Coast crew are the third oldest chapter in Australia. Comprised mostly of late model Japanese cars, they represent at local shows with slammed and candy coloured cars.


The Melbourne chapter is the latest chapter of TGZ, and they are all about track attack Hondas. DC2’s and K Swapped EK’s are the main theme of the Melbourne crew, who are constantly assaulting Winton, Wakefield and other tracks.